Mobile Manufacturers Forum Workshop

EMF Exposure Limits and Compliance Assessment of Future Wireless Devices Above 6 GHz

The usage of frequency bands above 6 GHz constitutes a vital component in the design of the fifth generation mobile communication systems (5G) to meet the requirements of the future on large traffic volumes and high data rates. The possible use of higher frequency bands implies new challenges in terms of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure assessments since the fundamental exposure metrics (basic restrictions) are changing from SAR to power density (PD). During this workshop, the implication of this change will be presented and discussed. An overview of the biological effects in this frequency range including the basis for the currents limits will also be given. The differences in the most relevant exposure standards will be analyzed and the relevance of the current limits for devices intended to be used in proximity of the body will be discussed. Alternatives for compliance assessment to meet these challenges will also be presented. The workshop wants to enhance the understanding of dosimetric aspects at frequencies above 6 GHz and it aims to provide a framework for the development of efficient and accurate procedures for EMF compliance testing of future wireless devices.

Sunday, June 5 in Room Vermeylen

13:00-13:15Opening remarks from the Chair
K. Foster
13:15-13:40ICNIRP exposure limits above 6 GHz
E. van Rongen
13:40-14:05Future mobile communication systems above 6 GHz
D. Colombi
14:05-14:30ICES & IEEE exposure limits above 6 GHz
C. K. Chou
14:30-14:55Skin models and biological considerations for setting exposure limits above 6 GHz
M. Ziskin
15:05-15:30Review of studies of thermal response to skin above 6 GHz
K. Foster
15:30-16:00Afternoon break
16:00-16:25Exposure assessment of wireless devices at frequencies above 6 GHz I
M. Douglas
16:25-16:50Exposure assessment of wireless devices at frequencies above 6 GHz II
B. Derat
16:50-17:15Exposure assessment of wireless devices at frequencies above 6 GHz III
L. Alon
17:15-17:30Workshop wrap up and conclusions