Sunday, June 5

09:00-14:00M1BEMS Board MeetingPersconferentie
09:30-11:30ICES9IEEE ICES open house
ICES/TC95 and its Subcommittees will meet June 2-4, immediately before commencement of BioEM2016. Meeting details and schedule.
13:00-17:30MMFMMF Workshop: EMF Exposure Limits and Compliance Assessment of Future Wireless Devices Above 6 GHz. Workshop details and schedule.Vermeylen
14:00-18:00M2EBEA Council MeetingRector Gillis
18:30-20:30 Welcome ReceptionRefter

Monday, June 6

08:30-09:00OCWelcome - IntroductionRefter
09:00-10:00P1Plenary 1: A "safe" evolution for Wireless Power Transfer: the EM compliance of systems and devices
A. Hirata, M. Douglas
10:00-10:30 Coffee BreakKapittel
10:30-12:30S1Molecular and cellular responses to RF exposureRefter
S2Instrumentation, measurements and protocolsVermeylen
12:30-13:30 LunchKapittel
13:30-14:30FAStudent Flash Poster Session ARefter
14:30-16:00PAPoster Session AKloostergang & Novicengang
16:00-16:30 Coffee BreakKapittel
16:30-18:10S3Pulsed electric fields: theoretical and experimental modellingRefter
S4In vivo exposure: ELF, IF, RFVermeylen

Tuesday, June 7

08:30-09:30T1Tutorial 1: Standards development activities of the IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic SafetyRefter
T2Tutorial 2: How to conduct personal radiofrequency electromagnetic field measurement surveysVermeylen
09:30-10:15P2Plenary 2: Characterization and manipulation of cells with E fields
P. Gascoyne
10:15-10:45 Coffee BreakKapittel
10:45-11:45DAThe d'Arsonval LectureRefter
11:45-12:45FBStudent Flash Poster Session BRefter
12:45-14:00 LunchKapittel
12:45-14:00M3EBEA General AssemblyRefter
14:00-15:30PBPoster Session BKloostergang & Novicengang
15:30-16:00 Coffee BreakKapittel
16:00-17:40S5Human studies: ELF and RFRefter
S6Electromagnetic interference on implanted devicesVermeylen
19:15-.... Conference BanquetOude Vismijn

Wednesday, June 8

Sponsored by COST EMF-MED BM1309
08:00-09:00HTHot Topic Plenary: The US NTP Study: A Real Game Changer or Just Another Study?
M. Wyde
09:00-10:00P3Plenary 3: The new frontier of immune system and EM field interaction
C. Pioli, L. Mir
10:00-10:30 Coffee BreakKapittel
10:30-11:00CLChiabrera LectureRefter
11:00-12:40S7Computational models for medical applicationsVermeylen
S8Session 8: Epidemiology studies Refter
12:45-14:00 LunchKapittel
12:45-14:00M4BEMS Business MeetingRefter
14:00-18:00 Free afternoon
14:30-16:30MCMMCM meeting COST Action BM1309: European network for innovative uses of EMFs in biomedical applications (EMF-MED)Refter

Thursday, June 9

Sponsored by COST EMF-MED BM1309
08:30-09:30T3Tutorial 3: “The Erice-EBEA School framework” Neuroprotective effects of EM fields: from preclinical to clinical studiesRefter
W1Workshop 1: Spatial averaging: towards a better basis for standard proceduresVermeylen
09:30-10:30P4Plenary 4: Need of a breakthrough in clinical application of hyperthermia: shared knowledge, gaps and challenges
S. Bodis
10:30-11:00 Coffee BreakKapittel
11:00-12:40S9Pulsed electric fields: from cells to animalsRefter
S10Measurements for safety assessmentVermeylen
12:45-14:00 LunchKapittel
12:45-14:00M5BEMS-EBEA Merger MeetingRefter
14:00-15:20S11Innovative perspectives for medical applicationsVermeylen
S12Public Policy and Safety assessmentRefter
15:30-16:00 Coffee BreakKapittel
16:00-18:00W3Workshop 3: Single cell electromagnetic exposure and analysis: experimental considerations, coupling of optical imaging techniques, and biological outcomesRefter
W2Workshop 2: Short workshop on implementation of the EMF DirectiveVermeylen

Friday, June 10

08:30-10:10S13Computational dosimetryRefter
S14In vitro exposure: static and ELFVermeylen
10:15-10:45 Coffee BreakKapittel
10:45-12:15P5Plenary 5: New avenues of epidemiological research -- added value or old challenges, or both?
M. Toledano, E. Cardis, M. Röösli
12:15-13:15SAStudent AwardsRefter
13:15-13:30CCClosing CeremonyRefter
14:00-18:00M5BEMS Board MeetingPersconferentie
M6EBEA Council MeetingRector Gillis