Student Support

BioEM2016 will offer support to students by waiving the registration fee. This support is intended to partially offset participation costs to attend the conference. To be eligible for support, the student must be a first author, present their paper at the meeting and be a member of either BEMS or EBEA.

Requests for student support will be accepted until April 1, 2016. The LOC will send out notifications via email approving support.

To apply for Student Support, fill out this application form with the latest version of Adobe Reader (download) and email it to

To apply for BEMS membership, click here.

To apply for EBEA membership, click here.

NOTE: Students must be a (student) member of EITHER BEMS or EBEA. Please choose the society of your preference. You may, of course, apply to both societies, but membership in only ONE society is required to apply for student support for BioEM2016.